Lingerie 101- When to get a New Brassiere

Hello lovely ladies!   Image

It’s easy to get attached to that favorite go-to nude bra.  But before we know it, our breasts aren’t looking quite right in our outfits and we’re losing that pep in our step!  Usually when this happens it’s too late, we’ve drifted into the “desperately need a new bra” zone.

  According to experts, a  good rule of thumb is to replace your bras every 6 to 9 months.  That way, you keep the girls looking their best year round; without having to figure out from an awkward photo, or an honest friend, that it’s desperately time for a change.  No matter how nicely you treat your delicates, the elastic will wear out during that time period, and stop offering optimal support.  This is mostly referring to those everyday bras in heavy rotation, and not the little lacy ones only pulled out on a special evening.  Happy shopping!

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