Simple Solutions: Shibue Couture


      The Shibue Couture strapless panty is taking the fashion world by storm! Recently Featured in INTIMO and SHAPE magazines, people can’t stop buzzing about this innovative product. Celebrities can’t get enough of this barely there panty that eliminates the problems posed by other so called “invisible” panties.  Shibue Couture strapless panties were worn by Selita Ebanks in Kanye West’s music video “Runaway” and Kate Upton while walking the runway for Beach Bunny.  But these strapless wonders aren’t just for celebrities!  They solve a lot of real world problems all of us face when trying to look our best.

     Nothing is more unsightly than panty lines! And let’s face it ladies, some fabrics and cuts don’t even allow the use of a thong. Rather than brave your night panty-free…gasp! Try the Shibue Couture strapless panty, invented by a woman on a quest to free herself from panty lines! Thanks to designer Jenny Buettner supermodels and supermoms alike can feel sexy and confident in their clothing for only 21 dollars.

Issues Remedied by the Shibue Couture Strapless Panty:

-no more side rolls or pinching caused by laser cut “invisible” panties and thongs.

-absolutely no panty lines, they can be worn with ANYTHING!

-so simple to apply, and stays in place until you remove it.

-can wash and reuse up to 10 times!

-durable and stays put through perspiration and dancing the night away!

For help with application, removal and care visit:

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