2013 Designer of the Year Lise Charmel




     We are pleased to report that Lise Charmel, a brand proudly carried by Trousseau of Dallas, has been named designer of the year by Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris.  This prestigious award was given to the brand due to their unique penchant for one of a kind colors and innovative cuts.

     It’s no wonder this brand has received such a prestigious award given their rich history beginning as a made to measure corsetry house. Lise Charmel has a reputation for using luxurious materials of the highest quality including guipure lace and fine silk.

      When you purchase one of these pieces, you feel as if you are stepping into a different time and place.  According to the brand’s website, “Lingerie from Lise Charmel is created not produced. Sophisticated and original, Lise Charmel’s lingerie combines elegance and good taste in the best European manner.”  We’d love to share this award winning collection with you in store at Trousseau of Dallas.  Come just for a look and add a touch of luxury to your day.  


For more information about this exquisite brand: www.lisecharmel.org/about-lise-charmel/

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