Revolutionary Strapless Bra



   We all love paying special attention to our fancy lingerie, but did you know that skimping on your basics is a huge mistake?  All bras are not created equal.  And wearing one that doesn’t fit properly or is poorly made can ruin an otherwise great outfit.  This is especially true of the dreaded strapless bra!  Nobody likes a strapless bra that engages them in battle all night: you pull it up, it falls down… it’s emberassing and unflattering!   Also a lot of strapless bras sit lower than bras that have the added support of straps; which visually adds about 5 pounds to the frame.  

     The solution to all of these problems lies in the Romance Strapless bra from Simone Perele.  This bra provides the most comfortable seamless support, you’ll forget you’re even wearing a bra!  The smooth microfiber provides sculpted coverage and visually lifts the breasts.  While the silicone grips keep the bra from sliding down and ensure that it remains comfortably in place all day/night.  This bra must be seen to be believed!  Once you wear one, you’ll never look at strapless bras the same way again!  The Romance Strapless bra is an investment staple piece that every woman should have in her wardrobe.   

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